Hello, I'm Ebenezer Baffour and if you don't mind I'm going to cut the chase, I expect you aren't really here right now because you care to hear all about me and my life story. I mean you got love about me ,page on people website where you got to love about me , page on people website where you got to read a whole thesis on'' the life of ''. Well, you'll be please to know you're not going to got that here. But something that's also going to give you a lot of hope and more freedom time and geographical, yet at the same time can have a real positive impact on others

My name is Ebenezer Baffour , it means [ The helper stone ]. I'm a straight forward and purpose driven person. When I set a goal I make sure I see it accompli shed. I like reading and surfing the internet. I love to study my Bible , and I love praises and worship. I love JESUS because He is my source and my captain. I'm also here to give you the same Hope I have received, that doesn't let you down, so you can be free in every way as I am, and have a positive impact on others too that's it for me. 

I'm talking about the hope of the Righteous will be gladness, but the expectation of the wicked will perish. Prov,10:28.

Maybe you are going through crisis in this moment; it might be any kind of crisis with a lot of difficulties and you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, because of that you're going through troubles in your marriage,.... at work,.... your family,... your health... and your financial crisis , the list goes on. Maybe you're in anguish or anxiety right now, and you're wondering what to do, only what you need is the great Light that can only be seen when you let go your fears and worries. When you have hope that somebody can help you and that person is JESUS. He is always there to lend you a hand and He'll never let you down. How do I know this? I have tried it and put Him to test and He has always been faithful and true, never failed I tell you. No matter what you are facing or going through in life, Jesus will walk you through it. Just trust Him. And also follow my website , and contact my email I will show you the way to smile and you'll be happy. Contact me now.